Advisor and supplier of high quality network equipment and stable connections for our

Smart remote control solutions

Many rental solutions around cooling and heating are used for mission critical applications. Always being able to monitor the rental units online is a must for this. Advice on and setting up the network with reliable smart equipment is provided by Capestone at Coolworld. In this way you have 24/7 control over the temperature of space, process or stored products.

Specialist support with

Robust stable routers

Which deliver the speed, reliability and capacity that Coolworld and you as customer require.

Reliable secure connections

For optimal reception and stable connection.

Secure cloud management tools

 For being able to fine tune settings online and flexible remote management.

Optimal network coverage

Fast and secure mobile internet connection. 4G antennas and IoT/M2M sim cards.

Secure connection guaranteed by the management and application platform: NetCloud.
Powerful routers from Cradlepoint on the advice of Capestone engineers.
Coolworld Service teams are on call 24/7 for intervention.
The solutions and tooling behind the stable service network.
Robust, stable equipment, antennas and SIM cards on rental units.

"We like to work with partners who have specialist knowledge. The right tools, like NetCloud from Cradlepoint ensure that our teams work efficiently which we translate directly into the best service to you, the customer."

Safe and stable

A reliable 4G IoT solution i.c.w. 24/7 support is essential for business critical applications. By using robust 4G routers from Cradlepoint, each unit can be remotely accessed and monitored. In this way we can guarantee service with day and night monitoring of the units. If necessary, you will be immediately informed about a malfunction or power failure so you can immediately activate backup systems or intervention can be provided.

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Full grip on temperature

Because our rental cooling and heating systems are often used for mission critical applications, the ability to monitor the units online at all times is essential. A failure in your installation can quickly become a major expense if products are not cooled and spoil. In order to prevent this, Coolword 24/7 offers a unique service consisting of two steps: alarm follow-up from the control room if a malfunction occurs and the provision of cooling analyses. Thus, temperature graphs are provided which you use to ensure quality. Error proneness is excluded. In addition, you always have a grip on the temperature and can fully rely on Coolworld's support and backup services.


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