The new ventilation unit from Coolworld Rentals is a compact all-rounder

Fleet expanded

Coolworld Rentals, suppliers of cooling and heating equipment, have expanded their fleet with a compact, energy-efficient ventilation unit that can be used to cool and heat medium-volume spaces. This all-rounder is the ideal response from Coolworld to the demand for flexible solutions for temperature control applications. 

Leading rental supplier

Over the past few years, Coolworld has expanded to become one of the leading rental suppliers of cooling and heating equipment. Many cooling solutions are developed specifically for the company that now operates in seven European countries. The LV50 is an excellent example. “We have seen a rise in demand for powerful, compact, energy-efficient units capable of both heating and cooling”, explained Ruud van Mierlo, sales and marketing director at Coolworld. “In any environment where temperature-sensitive products are kept and where temperature control can make the difference, you have to be able to rely on a unit that despite taking up little space is still capable of delivering excellent performance. Our LV50 is just such a unit.”

Compact and powerfulAnyone looking to rent a compact, powerful ventilation unit need look no further than the LV50 from Coolworld Rentals. With a cooling capacity of 25 kW (12/6 °C) and a heating capacity of 50 kW (80/60 °C), the LV50 is adjustable between 15 °C and 40 °C. Large wheels and lifting eyes mean the LV50 can be easily moved or suspended. The unit has a plug fan with an external static pressure of 300 Pa, allowing connection to an air hose or duct system. The fan can operate both horizontally and vertically. The air flow of the LV50 is adjustable up to 4000 m³/h. The LV50 has a built-in thermostat enabling autonomous operation. Remote temperature control is a further option. With its latest unit, Coolworld has added a remarkably energy efficient system to its rental range. The LV50 consumes just 3.3 A on a 230 V connection. 


Mobile climate control and air conditioning systems

Easy to install, ready to useBy introducing this hybrid air handler, Coolworld has further expanded its rental range of mobile climate control and air conditioning systems. Coolworld already rents out a wide range of climate control units including mobile air conditioners, spot air conditioners, air handlers, low temperature air handlers and water-cooled coolers. The LV50 ties in perfectly with this range. It is a flexible all-rounder, suitable for use in a variety of scenarios. 

Van Mierlo continued, “The LV50 is a multipurpose unit but its stand-out application is the temperature control of medium-volume spaces with temperature sensitive products. The LV50 is the ideal unit for meeting the demands of various sectors including logistics, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals. In combination with our services – installation, monitoring and service – it is the ideal solution in the event of capacity shortfalls, renovation work or situations in which the existing installation is must temporarily unavailable. In the event of disasters, too, this compact unit is the perfect solution; it is easy to transport, easy to install and ready to use.” 


About Coolworld Rentals

Coolworld Rentals together with its division Heatworld Rentals is an international rental organisation for cooling and heating equipment. Our headquarters is in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Coolworld also has its own branches, logistics depots and service centres in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. As such, Coolworld is always close to its customers, guaranteeing 24/7/365 service availability. For more information about the LV50, visit the Coolworld Rentals site for all details of this compact, energy-efficient all-rounder. Or contact or call us direct on +31(0)416-688088.

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