Keeping dairy and cheese production lines running during renovation

Danone as a leading multinational in the dairy and food industry, operates several factories in France. At one of its sites, located in the Normandy region, quality dairy and fresh vegetable dairy product are produced. Sustainably growth and innovation are to important topics in the industry.


Renewal challenge

On this site, the existing cooling systems was ready to be renewed and optimized. A project handled meticulously by their installation and refrigeration expert Clauger. The challenge was to:

✔️ Uphold the quality cooling process during the renewal process

✔️ Offering the customer a smooth transition to the new optimized cooling system


Ensuring temperatures remaining within specific limits was essential for the cooling process and production continuity. A team of experts was formed to take on the task.


A rental installation delivering 4 MW 

Based on the good experience in a previous project, Coolworld was asked by Clauger to provide a full rental solution again. The solution implemented included:

✔️ 5x 600 kW rental chillers

✔️  Providing 4 MW cooling capacity (at -1°C)

✔️  Each chiller connected to 2 plate heat exchangers (for 7 MW)

✔️  Fully remotely controllable

✔️  Connected to a system of monitored probes on the exchangers

✔️  Monitoring on both the primary and secondary circuit.


Reliable, safe and energy efficient

The monitoring system implemented together with Clauger and the set-up with the newest inverter chillers were a powerful combination. Advantages by this set-up:

✔️  Full grip on temperature

✔️  Realtime insights, seeing temperature curves remotely

✔️  Monitor the correct operation of the installation and the customer's process.

✔️  Energy efficient FULL INVERTER rental chillers complying with the Eco-Design Directive

✔️  The most economical and quietest on the rental market.


These advantages, offering a tailored Coolworld rental installation, combined with both technical as practical advice were the basis of a successfully finished project.



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