Low-noise water-cooled ventilation unit with a 50 kW cooling capacity, fitted with continuously variable ventilation control that can blow in three directions. The airhandler is equipped with an extra defrost element which makes it also suitable for low temperature applications. For electrical defrosting a 32 A CEE connection is required. The unit is equipped with a condensate pump, ready for connection and easy to install by using shortcuts. The unit is easy to move with a pallet cart or forklift. 


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Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 50 kW
Current (nominal) 7.5 A
Capacity steps Freq. contr.
Max. air flow 7500 m³/h
Voltage 230V V
External (Air) pressure 300 Pa
Power connection 230/1/50 CEE
Recommended Fuses 16/32 A
Phases 3 + N + PE
Length 1620 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 2250 mm
Weight 475 kg
Sound level (at 10 m) 45 dB(A)