Air-cooled chiller with a cooling capacity of 60 kW, fitted with an internal HD water pump. The machine is fully inverter-controlled and has a range from 25 to 120% (14.8 kW to 59.3 kW respectively) with an ESEER value of 4.12! The machine is fitted in a solid frame with condenser protection in the form of an impact-resistant grid, and can be easily moved by forklift truck or crane.

Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 59.3 kW
Cooling capacity 59.3 kW
Power consumption 28.1 kW
Current (nominal) 40 A
Current (start) 106.3 A
Power connection 63 A CEE
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 400 V
Recommended Fuses 63 A
Phases 3 + N + A
Internal pump Ja
Water connection 2″ Bauer
Flow nominal (m³/h) 9 m³/h
Flow nominal (L/min) 148 L/min
Flow nominal (L/sec) 2.5 L/sec
Flow minimum (m³/h) 3 m³/h
Flow minimum (L/sec) 0.75 L/sec
Flow minimum (L/min) 46 L/min
Flow Maximum (m3/h) 13 m³/h
Flow maximum (L/min) 223 L/min
Flow (max.) 3.7 L/sec
Recommended volume 66 L
Maximum working pressure 6 bar
Nominal pressure drop 71 kPa
Sound level (at 5 m) 54 dB(A)
Sound level (at 1 m) 64 dB(A)
Length 2800 mm
Width 1250 mm
Height 2000 mm
Discharge head m
Weight 1230 kg
Sound level (at 10 m) 49 dB(A)