Chiller / Air-cooled Heat pump with 125 kW Cooling capacity and 144 kW Heating capacity. This low-energy low-noise machine is ready for use.The machine is mounted in a robust frame with a shock-resistant grid for condensor protection and can be moved easily with a forklift or crane.


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Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 125 kW
Heating capacity 144 kW
Power consumption 41.9 kW
Current (nominal) 70 A
Power connection 125 A CEE
Voltage 400 V
Recommended Fuses 125 A
Phases 3 + PE
Internal pump Ja
Water connection 2″ Bauer
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Nominal pressure drop 44 kPa
Length 3200 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 2600 mm
Weight 2720 kg
Sound level (at 10 m) 57 dB(A)
Flow nominal (L/sec) 6.9 L/sec