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A Coolworld Rentals egy nemzetközi, teljeskörű szolgáltatást nyújtó, bérbeadással foglalkozó cég a hűtéstechnika és a fűtés területén. A szervezet motivált emberekből áll, akik széleskörű tapasztalattal rendelkeznek a bérbeadással kapcsolatban a hűtés és a fűtés területén. A Coolworld alappillérei a jó tanácsadás és az ügyfelek valódi kiszolgálása.
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Martijn de Bruin, Service engineer

név: Martijn de Bruin
Függvény: Service engineer

As a Service Technician in the Service and Operations department in the Netherlands, together with three fellow Service Technicians, I’m responsible for maintaining and servicing all sorts and types of systems that Coolworld rents out. 

Why Coolworld? 
I started working for Coolworld because of the large diversity of work and clients. I’m on the road a lot of the time carrying out all types of different work, so it makes my job varied and challenging. One moment I’ll be carrying out service and maintenance work for a baker, and the next I’ll be installing a chiller unit for a chemical company where all sorts of rules and safety regulations have to be taken into account. So we install rental solutions in almost every market to a wide range of different customers. 

Working as a Service Technician at Coolworld 
As a Service Technician, I’m responsible for installing systems with clients from our supply of products and for carrying out regular maintenance work on these. Maintenance work can sometimes involve solving cooling technology, electrical and hydro-technical problems for clients on-site. In addition, there are other ‘specials’ that service technicians sometimes have to install, such as alarm systems, SMS alarm units, extra lighting, heaters to keep refrigerated cells free of frost and tele-management systems. No one day is the same! 

Customer satisfaction first and foremost 
I always get a kick when a client tells us they are satisfied after we have solved an air-conditioning or cooling-related problem for them. Coolworld is a highly versatile business when it comes to cooling technology. A suitable solution can invariably be found for on-site installation and within next to no time. Quick response times and delivering reliable solutions are really important. Standstills or under-capacity in cooling technology can have a big impact on the client. For emergency projects in particular, a technician is the lynchpin. Of course, this is only possible when all departments are communicating and working together effectively. At Coolworld, there is a good rapport between departments, so this is possible. For me, Coolworld is a company which has the best interests of its employees and its customers at heart. As a Service Technician you have to be flexible, because as soon as a customer needs something, you have to be there. 

My vision for the future 
At the moment, I’m extremely satisfied working as a Service Technician at Coolworld and would like to expand my knowledge of our products and the markets we operate in to give myself and the company better prospects. I hope to continue enjoying my work with the company for a long time to come and certainly won’t miss any opportunities that come along.

Martijn de Bruin, Service engineer

Customer satisfaction first and foremost!

Munka, mint Service engineer

Customer satisfaction first and foremost!
Martijn de Bruin,
Service engineer