Server rooms and data centres

Temporary cooling and climate solutions for Server rooms and data centres

For the cooling of server and technical rooms in buildings and the climate control of computer and data centres. Coolworld has an extensive programme for in-house cooling: air-conditioning, climate control, air-handling, additional temporary cold storage and heating. Even during summer heatwaves, we can provide your staff and clients with a comfortable working climate. For relocations or expansion programmes, we also provide a rental service.

Applications Server rooms and data centres

The perfect room temperature for any location. Whether it is under construction or a temporary (event) location. You have an immediate solution at your disposal.

Temporary replacement and connection to permanent process cooling and HVAC installations, for as long as you or the project needs them.

Technical rooms, server rooms, temporary test rigs for laboratories, specimens and research.

Solutions Server rooms and data centres

Server rooms or data centres are crucial elements in many companies. Data in these rooms must be kept under optimum conditions. So you know that your equipment and data are safe.


Coolworld offers an extensive range of solutions for business cooling: air conditioning, climate control, air treatment and heating. We also offer an extensive range of solutions for server cooling: air conditioning, climate control, and air treatment. So, even in extreme weather conditions, your server room is in optimal condition with the support of our rental solutions.

Safe and certified rental

For the entire sector we provide certified solutions.
Coolworld has knowledge of Operational, Installation and Process Qualifications (OQ, IQ, and PQ), as well as various ISO certifications. Optionally you can have additional systems like alarms, remote monitoring and data logging installed and we can calibrate the equipment for you. You rent carefree and for as long as needed.

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