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Electrical heaters rental

Portable electric heaters can also be used flexibly for small work, company or event locations. The desired indoor climate at any location with an electric heater! Even during an extremely cold period or if the permanent heating system is temporarily not operational. Contact us directly for advice. (for the industrial & commercial market ONLY).

Capacity range

3 kW to 18 kW. Set up entirely according to your specifications.

Temperature range

Space heating upto 30 °C. Other temperature settings are available.

Air volume

Up to 1500 m³/h.

Certified & reliable

In accordance with EU hygiene and safety standards.

Rental Electrical heaters

Heating capacity Power connection
HT20 200 kW 16/32 A CEE
HT20M 200 kW 16/32 A CEE
EH03 3 kW Schuko 230V
EH03B 3 kW Schuko 230V
EH09M 3.0 / 4.5 / 9.0 kW 16 A CEE
EH18M 9.0 / 13.5 / 18.0 kW 32 A CEE
LT02-V 14 kW 32 A CEE
LT05-V 29 kW 63 A CEE
LV50 50 kW 230 CEE
CZ12H 144 kW 125 A CEE
CZ20H 218 kW M10

Applications Electrical heaters

Stable indoor climate or frost-free operation of (large) production and storage areas and temperature-sensitive products.

Comfort for utility building public spaces, temporary event locations and hospitality units.

Technical-, workshop small working spaces, test set-up for laboratories and research.

Functioning and accessories Electrical heaters

Our rental cooling solutions are low-noise, energy-efficient, and comply with the most important environmental and safety standards. Our heaters work on electricity.Supplied with all necessary peripheral equipment:

  • Electrical and water connections.
  • Extension cables, air hoses and water hoses.

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