Flexible deployment of climate control for temporary storage of flower bulbs

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Following a severe fire in one of the warehouses at flower bulb and flower preparation company Lommerse-Uitendaal, there was a sudden immediate need for a replacement cooled storage area for the huge stock of flower bulbs. Coolworld soon became involved in the project, supplying all the necessary rental equipment. Because this project involved the refrigerated storage of a ‘living’ product that called for absolute precision in terms of storage temperature, a powerful rental installation was supplied.

Flower bulb and preparation company, Lommerse-Uitendaal.

Needs & Challenge 
Immediate need for replacement refrigerated storage area for huge stock of flower bulbs.

At the start of the project, a chiller with a cooling capacity of 615 kW, and equipped with an external pump was linked to the series of low-temperature air handlers. The wishes of the client (in terms of temperature and settings) were the starting point for the installation. During the peak period, an additional 300 kW chiller was added. In the end, the entire project involved the supply and installation of no less than 14 low-temperature air handlers (type LT05 and LT02).

Immediately available climate control and option for upscaling during peak periods.
Guaranteed stable storage temperature for ‘living’ product.



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