Cold production also in winter! Coolworld supplies ice rink with cold water

This is the fourth time in a row that the small community in the canton of Valais has called on the services of Coolworld Rentals AG over the winter months.

The existing refrigeration system, which originally supplied the ice rink with cold, has been defective for years and is no longer in operation. The decision at the time to rent a system rather than buy a new one had financial reasons. "The investment in a new refrigeration system of this size would have cost us over CHF 100,000.00. A lot of money for such a small community like us". Explains the community representative. "So the decision was easy for us to only rent a refrigeration system and thus only have to pay about 25 to 30% of the new price. If we also take into account that we have no maintenance and servicing costs and can even fall back on a 24/7 service from Coolworld, renting is the most sensible solution for us". The community representative continues

For Coolworld, the annual assignment in the Valais mountains is always a challenge. The transports have to be planned precisely and adapted to the weather conditions. The local conditions on site are anything but easy due to the narrow and sloping terrain. Special crane vehicles are needed to lift the equipment onto a flat roof due to the lack of parking space. All in all, tasks that Coolworld, thanks to its many years of experience in renting out refrigeration products, masters very well and approaches with the necessary care. We hope you have fun playing ice hockey.

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