Dynamic logistic process with constant temperature at a flower auction

Most flowers travel a long way before they end up on the consumers' tables. Proper cooled storage throughout the logistics process is therefore extremely important for this group of products. 
This specific flower auction's cooling capacity is sufficient for its regular business operations. But in situations of extreme heat, or if the supply of flowers suddenly increases, this company is always happy to rely on Coolworld. 

This flower auction is one of the most state-of-the-art facilities of its kind worldwide. Millions of fresh flowers and plants are supplied every year and are distributed to over 800 wholesalers through an auction system. Cooled storage of the products prior to their being sold at the auction ensures that the products stay in tip-top condition. The 650,000 m2 auction complex features 80,000 m2 of offices and storage space, showing the scope of ambition of this successful company. 

Room cooling with air handlers and chillers from Coolworld, for temporary storage between the sales procedure at the auction and actual delivery, ensures that the flowers keep their top quality. The flower auction has taken the right measures to ensure that sufficient cooling capacity is always available in emergency situations or if the weather is extremely hot. The solution was found to be simple: Coolworld is ready 24/7/365 with suitable solutions for all temporary cooling and climate control issues for this flower auction.

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