Air-cooled chiller with a nominal cooling capacity of 116 kW in accordance with Eurovent. The machine is equipped with a stepless monoscrew compressor and has a range from 25% to 100%, with an ESEER value of 2.88. This machine is energy-efficient, low-noise and plug and play. The machine is fitted in a solid frame with condenser protection in the form of an impact-resistant grid, and can be easily moved by forklift truck or crane.


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Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 116 kW
Power consumption 46.7 kW
Current (nominal) 83 A
Power connection 125 A CEE
Voltage 400 V
Recommended Fuses 125 A
Phases 3 + PE
Internal pump Nee
Water connection 2″ Bauer
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Nominal pressure drop 23 kPa
Length 3765 mm
Width 1700 mm
Height 2600 mm
Weight 2700 kg
Sound level (at 10 m) 57 dB(A)
Flow nominal (L/sec) 5.5 L/sec