Logistics & storage

Distribution, logistics, storage and transhipmenten logistiek

Storage, distribution and logistics are indispensable links in virtually all industries. These links have to take place smoothly and correctly to ensure the best end products, while taking into consideration various requirements and guidelines. Examples of such processes are the storage and transhipment of medication and the transportation of harmful substances. Coolworld is a flexible partner that has all this specific knowledge in-house.

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Acting quickly is essential in this industry. Flexible and fast availability, that is one of Coolworld's strengths. And we love taking our customers' worries away from them. We ensure that your problem is solved expertly and in accordance with all the applicable requirements. From climate control to air treatment and temporary extra cooling, and frozen storage to heating. For carefree rental, no matter how specialist the assignment may be.

Requirements and regulations
Numerous rules and standards have been drawn up and adopted for storage and transhipment. We comply with the GDP and our products also comply with the requirements set on the storage and transhipment of medicines according to the Dutch Pharmacy Standard (NAN). The GMP, the Dutch Act on the Transport of Hazardous Substances [Wet Vervoer Gevaarlijke Stoffen - Wvgs] also contains rules on transporting hazardous substances which are elaborated in more detail in the ADR. Coolworld's solutions comply with all these applicable requirements.