Agriculture & horticulture

Agriculture, horticulture & animal production

Agriculture and horticulture play an important role in Europe. But what if there is a heatwave or a cold snap, or maybe an over-abundant harvest? There are lots of reasons why agricultural farms and horticultural businesses could require either extra cooling or heating. 
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Solutions for agriculture and horticulture

Coolworld offers a solution in the form of climate control or air conditioning. We supply cold-storage or freezer cells to store fruit, vegetables, seeds, potatoes, freshly cut flowers. Also for animal products (cattle and poultry) and storage of agrochemicals.  Coolworld can also quickly deliver a suitable cooling solution, for example for cooling greenhouses, frozen storage of crops or the fast freezing of products. Or even for processing and storing fresh produce in peak periods or during high seasons, for instance in asparagus cultivation. 

Requirements and regulations 
All our products comply with the HACCP and GMP standards. We are fully up to date with the requirements in the food industry and make sure that you can always guarantee the best quality.