Coolworld Rentals: Temperature Control Solutions for the Cold Supply Chain

Quality and integrity

Coolworld helps to maintain the quality and integrity of temperature sensitive products. Manufacturers of Cold Chain Products e.g. biopharmaceuticals, food and beverages have direct responsibility for, and control over, the correct storage and handling of their products from the start of production, through dispatch from their main supply warehouse, until the products reach the first point of shipment, which maybe a local operating company, wholesaler or a local distribution point.

Filling the gap: Helping with temporary cold chain supply challengesCoolworld Rentals offers your company the ideal solution to help with your temporary capacity problems, events, equipment being down, or when you are renovating or overhauling your permanent systems. Full Service Rental also includes advice and additional services like:


• Perform complete stability pre-tests and temperature excursions test• Monitoring solutions for storage conditions of cold chain products

• Reliable rental equipment in line with cold chain regulations

Every activity in the distribution of mentioned cold chain products should be carried out according to requirements of local regulations, the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), good storage (HACCP) and good distribution practices. Coolworld works according to these guidelines and is familiar with OQ, IQ and PQ.

• All our products comply with current requirements and regulations
As standard, Coolworld's cold-storage and freezer cells feature a memory for storing temperature data and fault logging. We also offer extra functionality, such as alerting, remote monitoring and data logging. We have versatile experience in many different markets: the logistics and storage industry, pharma, food industry, chemical industry, facility and building.
• Special ‘custom’ rental solutions


Coolworld offers a wide range of industrial applications, including process cooling, air conditioning, temporary extra cooled and frozen storage and heating. Or special rental solutions like ultra-low cold storage of vaccines at -55°C in modulair freezer cells with back-up system and remote monitoring.

These are just a few examples of the many solutions we provide. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to explore all the opportunities with one of our temperature control specialists.

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