Temporary room cooling during expansion project in the food logistics sector

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The storage hall of the major food distribution centre houses a massive variety of foodstuffs for an equally diverse client base. That fact makes maintaining the correct temperature particularly vital. Not only in terms of food safety but also with a view to guaranteeing the quality of the products in storage. Wherever quality control and temperature play an important role, Coolworld is able to make the difference. One of the halls within this massive logistic centre was therefore cooled using a rental installation.

Logistic distribution centre Bakker Logistics, one of the largest logistic service providers for temperature-controlled and refrigerated (food) products. Specialists in transport and warehousing.

Needs & Challenge 
Maintaining the temperature of a huge storage area during expansion work at the location and during the summer period. 
Temperature requirement: 4 degrees Celsius. 

300 kW chiller and low-temperature air handlers with pump and power supply. Between the loading docks at this massive logistic complex in Zeewolde, the 300 kW chiller was installed with a buffer tank, pump and all the necessary accessories. Inside
Four large low-temperature air handlers were connected to the chiller. These air handlers were installed in a parallel line, on a raised platform. 

The ideal solution for maintaining the area at the (required) temperature.
Problem-free rental during the summer period and temperature control throughout the expansion project.



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